Your Aggregate Supplier in Manchester

Whether it’s delivered loose or bagged up, here at Braidwood, we supply a full range of primary and recycled aggregates as well as sands & gravel, and topsoil. As an aggregate supplier in Manchester, our fleet of tippers and our extensive supply chain means we can deliver your aggregate where you want it, when you want it.

Recycled Aggregate 

Here at Braidwood, we recognise how important it is to control costs and reduce their impact on the environment. That’s where recycled aggregates come into play. By taking construction and demolition waste from sites and repurposing them into sustainable aggregate, we can offer you a high-quality and cost-effective recycled product.

All of our recycled aggregates are certified and produced in line with WRAP protocol and include: 

  • Type 1 (Crushed Concrete & IBAA)
  • 6F2/6F5
  • 10mm Pipe Bedding (Washed & Unwashed)
  • 20mm Pipe Bedding (Washed & Unwashed)
  • 40mm Clean (Washed & Unwashed)
  • Fillsand
  • Gritsand / Sharp Sand
  • Road Plainings

Quarried Aggregate 

A quarried aggregate is made up of material that has been created over thousands of years, it has been extracted from the ground and then crushed, screened, and washed. Our full range of quarried aggregates are all backed by industry certification giving you the best quality product at competitive prices and can be delivered in a huge range of shapes and sizes.

We have a large network of quality-assured quarries and depots which allow us to offer a variety of limestone, gritstone, and sandstone aggregate. Our full range of products includes:

  • Type 1 Sub Base SWH Clause 803
  • Type 3 Sub Base SWH Clause 805
  • Sustainable Drainage Aggregates (SUDs) (2/6mm, 4/20mm, 10/63mm)
  • Single Sizes / Pipe Bedding (4/10mm, 6/14mm, 10/20mm, 20/40mm)
  • Bulk Fill Aggregate (6F5, 6F2, 6F1)
  • Large Clean Aggregate (40/75mm, 75/150mm)
  • Rip-Rap and Rock Armour
  • Full range of aggregate to Series 600 specification for Highway Works

If you’re in need of an aggregate supplier in Manchester, then look no further. We have an experienced team and state-of-the-art fleet to deliver your recycled and quarried aggregate straight to you. For more information, contact our team of experts today.