Recycled Aggregate

Sustainability is key to world we live in, here at Braidwoods we recognise the needs for our clients to reduce their costs and minimise their impact on the environment.
Recycled aggregates could be the answer – by taking construction and demolition waste and repurposing them in sustainable aggregate we can offer you a cost effective and high-quality recycled product that rivals its quarried counterpart. All our recycled aggregates are certified and produced in line with WRAP protocol, our recycled products include;

  • Type 1 (Crushed Concrete & IBAA)
  • 6F2/6F5
  • 10mm Pipe Bedding (Washed & Unwashed)
  • 20mm Pipe Bedding (Washed & Unwashed)
  • 40mm Clean (Washed & Unwashed)
  • Fillsand
  • Gritsand / Sharp Sand
  • Road Plainings