Simplifying Construction Waste Disposal with Braidwood

Construction waste disposal can be a difficult and tedious task. Here at Braidwood, we’re proud to offer an all-in-one construction and demolition waste disposal service to take the pressure and hassle away from you. We work closely alongside UKAS-accredited labs, recycling centres and landfill facilities to classify, manage and dispose of waste in a cost-effective and compliant manner.


Why Construction Waste Disposal is Complex

Construction waste often comes in large volumes which makes it extremely difficult to transport and dispose of in bulk quantities. Not only this but the regulations that surround the disposal of construction and demolition waste are incredibly strict, to protect the public and the environment. 

Another reason disposing of construction waste can be complex is because of the different types of waste that can be produced. From leftover materials like wood and concrete to hazardous materials like asbestos. Different types of waste require different permits to ensure you responsibly dispose of it – that’s where we’re here to help. 


Braidwood’s Comprehensive Waste Disposal 

Our extensive service offering includes partnering with UKAS-accredited laboratories for accurate waste classification, authorised landfill facilities for safe and proper disposal and recycling centres dedicated to maximising waste diversion. This collaboration ensures the correct solution is used all of the time. 


Here at Braidwood, we take pride in offering a simple and streamlined process to take care of your waste disposal requirements. We take care of everything from the initial waste classification to transportation and final disposal – allowing you to focus solely on your project, completing it on time and within budget. 


Benefits of Partnering with Braidwood 

If you’re considering hiring a construction waste partner, here’s why Braidwood are your best option.

Increased Efficiency & Time Savings 

By working with Braidwood, you no longer need to research and manage multiple waste disposal vendors. The team at Braidwood are experts in everything related to waste disposal and management. We can help you save valuable project time and ensure a smooth waste management process throughout the entirety of your project. 

Reduced Legal & Financial Risks 

As mentioned, the legal regulations that surround disposing of waste material are strict and extensive, it can sometimes be difficult even to know if you’re following the correct legislation, incorrect handling and disposal can lead to large fines and legal penalties. The Braidwood team know the ins and outs of hazardous and non-hazardous waste management and is there to mitigate potential risks by handling the waste legally and compliantly. 

Environmentally Compliant Waste Solution

The construction industry can often be seen as having a negative impact on the environment, we want to change that. More and more construction firms are making conscious efforts to try to reduce and improve their carbon footprint. At Braidwood, we’re constantly finding innovative ways to improve our carbon footprint whilst also improving yours. Read our blog on The Importance of a Sustainable Haulage Company here. 


Your Waste Transport Service in Manchester 

If you’re looking for a sustainable and efficient waste transport service in Manchester, we are your partner. We offer a range of waste disposal and transportation services including: 

  • Waste Classification
  • Construction Waste Recycling 
  • Muck Away 

Get in touch with us at Braidwood to make your construction site safer, cleaner and more environmentally conscious.