The Importance of a Sustainable Haulage Company

In a world in which sustainability is growing in importance, it’s evermore crucial for construction businesses to implement sustainable practices to try and reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. In 2021, the construction industry within the UK produced over 10 million metric tons of CO2 and accounted for 2.4%of the total UK carbon dioxide emissions that year (Statista). From this, it’s clear to see the importance of how sustainable construction practices are essential in helping to achieve the UK net zero target.

Here at Braidwood, we’re pioneers in understanding that our customers increasingly need more sustainable construction transport solutions. We’re constantly looking and exploring ways in which our fleet can reduce the impact it has on the environment. Here are some of the ways can help you reduce your carbon footprint and improve your environmental impact. 

Fleet Replacement Programs & Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

One of the ways we’re aiming to reduce our impact on the environment is through our fleet replacement programs and by utilising fuel-efficient vehicles. By using more fuel-efficient vehicles, we’re able to reduce fuel consumption and the amount of fuel we use. 

Our fleet replacement programs aim to replace older, high-mileage vehicles with newer, low-mileage vehicles. Ultimately, this means that as a company, we can offer you not only a more reliable service but also a more environmentally conscious service. 

Green Driver Initiatives & Eco-Driver Training

As a company, we are strong believers in providing our drivers with the latest technology and training, especially when it comes to eco-friendly driving. That’s exactly why we offer the highest eco-driving training as well as green driver initiatives. 

Eco-driver training will improve road safety and hazard perception and also help improve your fuel efficiency by up to 15%, it also gives drivers extra understanding and confidence when it comes to driving in an environmentally friendly manner. We’re also proud to be championing green driver initiatives within Braidwood. 

Optimising Routes & Enhancing Efficiency

Another way we can help reduce the impact on the environment is by optimising logistic routes to enhance the efficiency of our fleet. We use the latest technology in route planning systems, GPS tracking and analytical data to minimise needless mileage and fuel consumption. By trying to streamline our operations, we can provide you with a solution that reduces costs, lead times and also environmental damage. 

Reducing & Recycling Waste

Minimising waste is a big part of ensuring your construction site is minimising its environmental impact, that’s exactly why we offer a waste disposal and recycling service. With this service, we take all the complicated elements from your hands, including waste classification. That way, you know your site is correctly disposing and recycling waste correctly. 

Sustainable Haulage Company in Manchester 

If you’re looking for a reliable and sustainable haulage company in Manchester, look no further than Braidwood. We work closely with you to take the stress from your business and pride ourselves on setting the highest industry standards in customer service and satisfaction whilst consistently monitoring our environmental impact and reducing yours. To find out more about our sustainable construction haulage services visit our website or contact us today