Why You Should Consider Tipper Hire in Manchester

Whether you’re transporting material from one site to another or you need to move material throughout your site, hiring a tipper truck could be your best option. Tipper trucks are designed to carry and transport large volumes of landscaping and building materials from commercial and domestic sites. Their capability to move extremely heavy loads in a quick, efficient and safe manner makes them a popular choice for construction sites. But why should you consider our tipper hire in Manchester


Ability to Transport Heavy & High Volume Materials 

Construction sites generate an enormous amount of waste, in fact, each year the construction industry produces roughly 100 million tonnes of waste — over a third of the UK’s total yearly waste. With so much waste produced, disposing of the waste is essential to not only keep the site tidy but also comply with regulations. 

Luckily, our tipper trucks are perfect for transferring construction waste under challenging working conditions. Meaning you’re able to get rid of your waste most effectively. 


Save You Time 

Because tipper trucks can hold such a large volume of material, you’re able to save a huge amount of time as you will not need to fill the truck as often. This also means that fewer trips are needed back and forth to clear your site. With more time available, your site team can get more done, creating a more efficient working space.


Improve Site Safety

As well as increasing site efficiency, tipper trucks can also improve site safety. Since a construction site is full of various machinery and personnel, it’s important to remove waste as quickly as possible for safety reasons. Removing waste ensures there’s enough room for machinery to manoeuvre and also removes any hazards to employees. 


Comply with Regulations

When removing construction site waste, it’s important to comply with national and local regulations — this is even more important when dealing with hazardous waste. When it comes to construction waste, there are several regulations for sorting, storing and disposing of it. Luckily, here at Braidwood, we offer a fully comprehensive waste disposal service in Manchester, taking all of the stress and worry off your hands. 


How Can Braidwood Help You?

If you’re looking for a tipper hire in Manchester, Braidwood is your go-to. We have an extremely strong fleet of over 30 8-wheel tipper trucks that are all CLOCS compliant, ensuring the highest level of safety is maintained. Our drivers are also all qualified with MPQC/EPIC qualifications and have undergone safe urban driving training, no job is too much for our team! 

If you need a construction waste management partner in Manchester, don’t hesitate to contact us today