Transporting Construction Equipment in Manchester

Transporting construction machinery comes with many complications. Not only is construction equipment extremely heavy and often quite large, but it’s also a huge safety concern if done incorrectly. Transporting construction equipment and machinery in Manchester can come with its problems, given the size and population of the city. Luckily, the team here at Braidwood can help with your low-loader movements in Manchester. 

Challenges When Transporting Construction Machinery & Equipment in Manchester 

As a leading construction haulage company in Manchester, we understand the challenges and risks when it comes to transporting machines and equipment to your construction site. The most common plant equipment that need transporting include:

  • Dumpers
  • Access Platforms
  • Crawler Cranes
  • Crushers
  • Wheeled & Tracked Excavators
  • Crawler Cranes

Here are some issues you may encounter when transporting your equipment and machinery and how the Braidwood team can overcome them. 

Dimensions & Weight

Construction machinery and equipment can be extremely heavy and sometimes quite wide and bulky. This can make it awkward to transport from one location to another, especially on public roads. When moving oversized or overweight equipment on public roads, you need permission from a range of local authorities, sometimes you will need escort vehicles and special permits. 

When transporting your heavy machinery with Braidwood, we comply and work with all relevant local authorities to ensure the correct permits and procedures are followed. We take the difficult job off your hands. 

Equipment Fragility 

More often than not, construction equipment is incredibly fragile and can be easily damaged if handled improperly — especially during the transportation process. If the machinery does happen to get damaged, it’ll be expensive to get fixed. 

Our team is trained to an extremely high standard when it comes to handling your equipment. Whether that be loading, transporting or unloading, we will ensure the highest quality of care is maintained.

Machinery Complexity

When transporting some machinery, it may be required to disassemble and reassemble. Not only is this a complex job, it can add to the cost and time of the transportation. 

Complex machines require personnel who are experienced and comfortable working alongside them. At Braidwood, we ensure our employees receive the highest quality of training to ensure no job is too much. 

Personnel and Public Safety 

Safety should be the number one priority when moving construction equipment, for both the staff involved in moving it and the general public. If the correct procedures and processes aren’t correctly followed, there is a safety risk to everyone involved. 

The Braidwood team are trained to ensure their own safety and public safety is always the priority. All machinery is securely strapped up and appropriate warning lights are used. Each job undergoes careful planning to ensure the safest route is taken and all relevant authorities are notified.

Specialist Driver Training

All construction sites are different, some are central in the city whereas some are out of the way. No matter where the site is located, there’s a high chance it will require a driver who is specifically trained to drive in those conditions. If your site is located in the city, the driver needs to be trained to drive these large vehicles in a city environment. If the site is in the country, then there’s a high chance the driver will need rural driver training and experience.

All of our drivers here at Braidwood are highly trained in driving in both urban and rural environments — no job is too much.  

Low Loader Movements in Manchester With Braidwood

Transporting your heavy machinery and equipment has never been easier. We offer an industry-leading low-loader movement hire in Manchester to take care of your transportation requirements. We can transport everything from excavators and bulldozers to crushers and screeners, using the latest technology to provide the highest quality service. 

If you’re looking for the best low-loader movement service in Manchester, give our team a call!