The Importance of Correct Construction Waste Disposal

Waste disposal within the construction industry is essential for so many reasons. Finding a waste disposal service in Manchester can be your solution to protecting the environment, protecting your employees, protecting your business, and saving you money. Here at Braidwood, we offer an all-in-one demolition and construction waste disposal service in Manchester.

Why Waste Management is Integral 

Waste disposal & management is essential for so many reasons, especially within the construction industry. The main aim when disposing of your waste is to try and stop as much as possible from going to landfills, with so many laws and regulations that come with construction waste disposal, having a professional waste management service will make your life so much easier. But, why is correct waste disposal so important?

Legal Compliance 

Under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, it is a legal requirement for businesses to correctly control and dispose of their waste. This means that businesses that produce, import or export, carry or transport, and dispose of waste must follow these regulations strictly to avoid breaking any laws.

Improve Site Safety 

Disposing of waste in the correct manner can help make your site a safer place for you and your employees. A waste management service can help make your site safer by:

  • Removing hazardous materials from the site, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Providing the correct storage for waste, reducing the possibility of spills and leaks.
  • Help employees understand waste disposal services, reducing the risks of accidents and injury.

Environmental Protection

In recent years, protecting the environment is one of the biggest things businesses are trying to promote. Not only does a waste management service help protect the environment, but it can also help protect your business by ensuring you stay within the environmental compliance regulations by:

  • Recycling waste into useful materials, reducing the amount of waste heading to landfills.
  • Transporting waste to the correct disposal facilities, reducing waste pollution.
  • Removing environmentally hazardous materials from your site.

Improve Efficiency & Save Money

A waste management service can help improve your site efficiency and save your business money. Because a waste management service already has all of the necessary vehicles, permits, equipment, and tools, as a business, you won’t need to invest in any new equipment or purchase any permits to remove your waste. 

Site efficiency can also be improved. Your construction site will remain clean and safe, allowing you to get work done. A waste management partner can also help identify areas of your business where you may be able to reduce waste!

Waste Disposal Services in Manchester

Here at Braidwood, we’re proud to offer an all-in-one construction and demolition waste disposal service in Manchester. Whether you’re looking for a recycling service, a muck away service or a waste classification service, we have an experienced team and a modern fleet to help you get the job done in the most cost-effective and efficient way.