The Benefits of Using a Family-Run Construction Haulage Company

Established in 1969, Braidwood are a second-generation family-run business providing Manchester with a range of construction haulage services. With years of experience and reputation, the 50+ strong team here at Braidwood have the knowledge and capabilities to get your job done efficiently and on time. 

Choosing the right construction haulage company for your job is crucial for your business operations. But, why should you choose a family-run construction haulage company and what are the benefits for you? 

Commitment & Dedication

Family-run businesses often take immense pride in their commitment and dedication towards customer satisfaction. Here at Braidwood, family pride and reputation are paramount. We ensure to complete every project to the highest standard and ensure both employees and customers are at the forefront of everything. The high level of care and dedication put into our projects is clear to see throughout. 

Strong Local Knowledge

Typically, family-run businesses are specific to one area, here at Braidwood, we’re experts within the Manchester haulage industry. Our large team of experts knows the rules, regulations, sites and roads like the back of their hand. Whatever your requirements, our team have the knowledge and expertise to exceed your expectations. 

Strong Communication & Reliability 

For a successful collaboration between you and your haulage partner, open communication and trust-building are essential – this is something you can often struggle to get with larger construction haulage companies. Here at Braidwood, we pride ourselves on having transparent and open communication policies between decision-makers. 

Safety, Values & Morals

One of our biggest priorities at Braidwood is the safety, ethics and morals of our employees and clients. Here at Braidwood, we ensure that all safety requirements and regulations are strictly followed our company values are adhered to. We also strongly believe that as a local business, we have a large moral duty to our community. That’s why all of our vehicles are regularly serviced, maintained and fitted with the latest technology whilst we try and reduce our impact on the environment. 

Working With Braidwood

If you’re looking for a reliable and trusted construction haulage company in Manchester, then a family-run business could be the perfect option for you. Here at Braidwood, we offer everything from transport services and waste disposal services to aggregate supply. Contact the Braidwood team today to discuss your haulage needs.