How Braidwood Can Be Your Waste Management Partner

If you’re looking for a waste management partner that not only knows how to accurately classify your waste but can support you in identifying cost savings and reducing your commercial and compliance risks, Braidwood are here to help you! 

Why is Waste Classification Important?

Within the construction industry, classifying and correctly disposing of waste is essential for a number of reasons. Not only is correctly classifying and disposing of waste a legal compliance, it ensures a duty of care over staff and others on the site. 

By correctly classifying and identifying waste, you will be able to identify if any spots are contaminated and then deal with the degradation of material arising from contaminated areas.

Benefits of Waste Classification 

As mentioned, waste classification is a legal compliance to ensure a duty of care over workers, visitors and all personnel on the site. Identifying contaminated and non-contaminated waste will help isolate the affected area, reducing the spread, cross-contamination and ultimately reducing the cost by minimising the volume of contaminated waste that is required for removal. 

Waste Management and Waste Removal Services by Braidwood

Here at Braidwood, as well as our waste classification service, we offer removal and disposal services for all sorts of types of waste including: 

  • Inert/Non-Hazardous waste (17-05-04)
  • Hazardous waste (inc. treatment options) (17-05-03)
  • Invasive plant soils (Japanese Knotweed, Himilayan Balsam, Hogweed)
  • Hardcore and demolition waste (17-01-07)
  • Tarmac (17-03-01)
  • Green waste (20-02-01)

As well as many others. 

Muck Away Service Manchester 

Muck away is the process of removing spoil/waste from construction sites during earthwork processes, including removal of any rubble, waste of general rubbish created during any manner of groundwork projects. 

Whether your waste is hazardous or non-hazardous, here at Braidwoods, we can provide a service to suit your needs. With our large fleet of tipper lorries, plant and road sweepers, we are in the best possible position to provide you with the best muck away service in Manchester for the best possible value for money. 

We provide a number of muck away packages including:

  • Cart and tip only
  • Load, cart and tip
  • Load, road sweeper, cart and tip
  • Load road sweeper, banksman, cart and tip.

To find out which package best suits your needs, get in touch with our expert sales team!

Recycling Services Manchester 

Everyone is constantly striving for a greener, more environmentally conscious approach and at Braidwoods, we’re no different. By using innovative recycling methods , we aim to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills by repurposing materials to ensure a more sustainable future. 

With our recycling service, we can accept your construction and demolition waste and recycle it into our recycled aggregate for a greener, cost-effective and compliant solution for everyone.

If you’re interested in a no obligation onsite consultation get in touch with our team of industry experts to find out more!