Essential Safety Tips When Operating Construction Haulage Vehicles

Hiring construction haulage vehicles can be hugely beneficial to any construction site. They can help improve site safety and efficiency whilst also making sure you’re complying with local and national regulations. However, when hiring and operating vehicles as large and as powerful as construction haulage vehicles, there are several safety factors that need to be considered. Here at Braidwood, we offer a fully comprehensive construction haulage vehicle hire in Manchester to guarantee safety and efficiency. 

Thorough Inspections 

Vehicle Inspections are one of the most important parts when operating a construction vehicle. The first of the inspections should be the pre-use inspection. This will cover everything from tyres and lights to mechanical components. 

When the contents are loaded, it’s important to ensure everything is secure. Finally, one of the last checks is to slowly pull away and check the brake and steering response. 

After the trip is completed, the driver should then re-inspect the vehicle to ensure there are no signs of wear and tear and also complete any general maintenance checks such as tyre pressure and fluid levels. 

It goes without saying that this is an extremely brief description of what inspections need to be undertaken when operating construction vehicles. Luckily for you, all of the drivers here at Braidwood are trained to an extremely high level when it comes to vehicle inspections. 

Extensive Driver Training 

Driving a construction haulage vehicle comes with its own difficulties, especially if operating in such an urban environment as Manchester. As well as the extensive inspection training, our drivers are all trained to the highest standards when it comes to operating and manoeuvring construction vehicles. 

Driver training is an essential part of construction haulage to ensure the safety of your site is upheld and also the safety of the public. At this time of the year, driver training is more important than ever. With road and site conditions less than ideal, wet and icy roads along with construction site terrains and narrow spaces pose a risk to your business operations, your employees and the public. When you hire a construction haulage vehicle with Braidwood, you’re hiring drivers who have the best driver training in the industry to keep everyone safe. 

For your peace of mind, all of our construction vehicles are CLOCS compliant and all of our drivers have MPQC qualifications as well as safe urban driver training. 

Effective Communication & Reporting 

Open and clear communication between drivers, site managers and other personnel is crucial for an operation to run smoothly. Effective communication can help prevent hazards and dangers as well as well as ensuring that transportation is quick and efficient. Drivers should also effectively communicate any concerns they may have during transportation and also report any issues and dangers promptly. 

How Braidwood Can Solve Your Problems

Here at Braidwood, we provide you with an industry-leading construction transport service in Manchester. We can supply a range of construction haulage vehicles including:

  • Tipper Trucks
  • Grab Trucks 
  • Low Loader Movement

If you’re looking for a safe and sustainable construction transport solution in Manchester, we are your construction partner. Get in touch with our team today.